Do you feel restless, worried, or nervous most of the time? Do you avoid doing things that you enjoy because of fear or uncertainty? Do you wish you could live a more peaceful and fulfilling life?

If you feel like that, it’s great! Don’t believe me? 

Most likely, you have begun to examine your life and you want to change it. And that’s the only way to improve. So, you’re on the right track!

Get Some Motivation

The first step is to get the motivation to change. To do it, you need to understand what you value in life. Values are the things that matter to you, that give you a sense of purpose and direction. 

They are not goals or achievements, but rather the guiding principles that shape your actions and decisions. 

Learn about the theory of universal values and find your TOP 3 values. For example, some common values are: health, relationships, freedom, justice, fun etc.

How Anxiety Hurts You

The next step is to think about how anxiety is lowering your quality of life. 

In what ways does it do it? What do you value that anxiety is preventing you from having? 

For example, if you value freedom, anxiety might stop you from traveling, exploring, or trying new things. You might miss out on opportunities to see new places, meet new people, or learn new skills. 

If you value relationships, anxiety might make you isolate yourself, avoid intimacy, or lash out at others. You might lose friends, partners, or family members who care about you. If you value growth, anxiety might keep you from learning, challenging yourself, or pursuing your dreams. 

You might settle for a mediocre job, a boring hobby, or a stagnant lifestyle.

The Future You

The third step is to imagine the future you want, without anxiety. Imagine what you will do, what person you will become, what things you will have and who you can help. 

How will you feel? How will others see you? How will you contribute to the world? 

This is your vision, your ideal state of being. Write it down, draw it, or say it out loud. Make it as vivid and realistic as possible. 

For example, you might imagine yourself traveling around the world, making friends with different cultures, and learning new languages. You might imagine yourself being in a loving and supportive relationship, sharing your feelings and experiences, and having fun together. You might imagine yourself working in a field that you are passionate about, achieving your goals, and making a positive impact.

Welcome The Inner Change

The fourth step is to start changing your life. Use the anxiety-lowering techniques and know-how on this website. 

You will find practical tips, exercises, and resources to help you cope with anxiety, calm your mind, and relax your body. You will also learn how to face your fears, challenge your negative thoughts, and change your behaviors. 

You will discover how to align your actions with your values, and how to create a more meaningful and satisfying life. 

For example, you might practice breathing exercises, meditation, or yoga to reduce your stress and anxiety levels. You might expose yourself to the situations that make you anxious, gradually and safely, and learn how to cope with them. 

You might replace your negative self-talk with positive affirmations, and focus on your strengths and achievements.

Change The World

The fifth step, stay strong, and use your new-found calm to improve your life and make better life choices. Get a better job, start a better relationship, or pursue a passion. Whatever you want to do, do it with confidence and joy. Remember, you are not your anxiety. You are a capable, worthy, and wonderful person. You deserve to live a life that reflects your true self.


Anxiety can steal your quality of life, but you can take it back. By following these five steps, you can transform your life from anxious to awesome. You can overcome anxiety and live the life you want. You can do it. Start today.

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